Wise-Magnifier (Patent Pending)

Wise-Magnifier makes it simple and easy to dispense liquid from pipettes into micro-containers (wells).

Wise-Magnifier is an innovative magnifier based tool which is gripped on pipettes. The Wise-Magnifier enables lab coworkers to work more accurately and efficiently with pipette and micro-containers (wells). The Wise-Magnifier designed as a universal solution that easily fits to various pipettes.





Problem:  Transferring liquid from a pipette into wells is

                    strenuous and error-prone

Current problem arising while working with pipette:

Pipettes are commonly used in research and medical labs, worldwide.

Pipette transfer liquid from/to containers, some of them have small dimensions (~1.47mm to 7mm well diameter, 1536 wells plates and 96 wells plates, respectively).

The small dimension of the containers often leads to mistakes in positioning the desired liquid.


Solution:  Wise-Magnifier improves your work with pipettes

                    and wells

  • A specially designed clip suited to grip the pipette, attached to magnifier (with/without illuminating element)
  • Significantly improves image quality
  • Enables proper localization of the magnifier in respect of the pipette and the liquid container (due to a ball and socket joint)
  • User friendly
  • Aerosol protector
  • Highly resistant
  • Washable
  • Ergonomic design

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