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Wise-Fuge (Patent Pending)

Innovative stand for eppendorf tubes, especially designed for table centrifuges, contributes to production and streamline lab process.

Wise-Fuge is a revolutionary stand, which allows a one-step action for taking the tubes in/out table centrifuge. Unlike current solutions, which require manual insertion and extraction of individual tubes, Wise-Fuge holds all tubes together in a device that is inserted into centrifuge in a single action.  This significantly reduces the time required to handle tubes, eliminates errors and accidental breakage.

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Wise-Slips (Patent Pending)

Wise-slip is a revolutionary slide coverslip which prevents falls and breakages

Wise-Slip is an innovative coverslip that include a small tab, which greatly improves the current methods of working with coverslips. The integrated tab, prevents falls and breakages of coverslips, therefore making it easier and safer to work with coverslips.

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Wise-Magnifier (Patent Pending)

Wise-Magnifier makes it simple and easy to dispense liquid from pipettes into micro-containers (wells).

Wise-Magnifier is an innovative magnifier based tool which is gripped on pipettes. The Wise-Magnifier enables lab coworkers to work more accurately and efficiently with pipette and micro-containers (wells). The Wise-Magnifier designed as a universal solution that easily fits to various pipettes.

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