Innovation Lab – For Inventors

Wise-Lab specializes in the field of auxiliary products for medical and research laboratories

and helps inventors to realize their ideas and commercialize their products.

  • Product Development: If your idea is accepted by our team, we will help you productize it (if you already have a product, we can skip this stage).
  • World-wide Sales: Once you have a working product, our world-wide distribution network will be used to sell your product world-wide!

If you have an idea or product that helps stream-line the work in medical and research laboratories –
we can help you!

Wise- Lab Product Application Process:

  • Idea form: Fill in the idea form.  In this form, provide information on the problem that you are solving, the benefits of your suggested product, and a very generic description of your solution (this stage is not covered by NDA, so please do not disclose confidential information).
  • Preliminary phone call:  We will notify you if your idea is accepted by email.  If it is accepted, we schedule a call between us to better understand your idea and explain our process.
  • Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA): Once we are convinced that your idea fits our company, we will sign a NDA which protects your rights to your idea.  After this agreement is signed by both parties you can provide all the details of your innovation.
  • Preliminary market analysis: We conduct a market study to understand the need and business potential of your idea.
  • Partnership agreement:  If your idea passes our preliminary market  analysis, we will jointly decide on terms of our work together and sign a legal partnership agreement.

After a partnership agreement is signed, we will work together to turn your idea into financial success!

 Your Idea Form