About Wise-Lab

Our vision is to realize the potential of research and medical lab coworkers, through innovative solutions.

Wise-Lab is proud to present our innovative lab solutions, more innovated products will be available soon.


Our story

It all began with a dream to create a pioneer business.

A fascinating synergy between an experienced biological researcher and a savvy business person generated the idea to establish Wise-Lab, a breakthrough start-up specialized on developing innovative lab solutions.

As a married couple we discussed a lot about daily professional issues and  realized that we can significantly improve lab process.

We first analyzed the current needs and thought about some creative solutions. In the long run, we developed some appropriate solutions, through their engineering development and patent pending. In addition, as young initiators, proud for getting the support from the Israeli chief scientist, we target the first mile stone in the establishment of Wise-Lab.

Now days we are striving to develop new lab products and keep dreaming that soon all our products will be an integral part of lab equipment worldwide.

Meet Wise-lab founders:

Dr. Alona Zilberberg – R&D and Co-Founder

Alona has more than 15 years experience in Biology and Genetics research. Her ongoing laboratory work and innovative mind had led to the inception of Wise-Lab and its products.

Alona holds a PhD in biology from Tel-Aviv University.


Amir Zilberberg – CEO and Co-Founder

Amir Zilberberg brings over 15 years of business experience from fortune 100 companies.

Amir holds a MBA from Ben Gurion university and a Post MBA degree from Tel-Aviv University.